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Welcome to CALSOVO, where innovation, dedication, and passion converge to deliver top-quality sports protection. My name is Mike Zwijnenburg, and the story of CALSOVO begins with a personal journey that underscored the need for shin pads that not only meet but far exceed industry standards.

In 2016, the foundation for CALSOVO was laid after a profound event. A double tibia fracture, resulting from an unfortunate tackle, brought not only physical trials but also ignited the intrinsic motivation to create something stronger, lighter, and more durable than the existing shin pads on the market.

However, it wasn’t until around December 2019 that this vision began to take tangible form. We aimed not only to develop a product that met standards but to create shin pads that excelled in strength as an essential feature. After all, if something is strong enough, it shouldn’t break. That was our starting point.

At CALSOVO, we believe in surpassing the status quo. Our commitment to continuous innovation and unparalleled quality has resulted in the development of shin pads that not only meet but exceed athletes’ expectations. Our mission is clearly defined: to provide athletes with protection at the highest level, allowing them to fully focus on their performance.

Our team of dedicated professionals shares a deep-rooted passion for excellent sports gear. We strive for perfection in every aspect of CALSOVO products, from meticulously crafted designs to carefully selected materials and advanced production processes. We take pride in the durability and performance of our shin pads, and we are fully committed to exceeding the expectations of our valued customers.

At CALSOVO, we value transparency and open communication. Whether you have questions, want to share feedback, or just engage in conversation, our team is always ready to assist you. Thank you for choosing CALSOVO. Together, we move forward, innovate, and strive for the very best in sports protection.


In the year 2016, a profound and transformative moment unfolded in the life of our visionary founder, Mike Zwijnenburg, laying the groundwork for the establishment of CALSOVO. This pivotal chapter in Mike’s life was defined by a singular event that would not only alter his personal trajectory but also set in motion a groundbreaking venture that would redefine the landscape of sports protection.

The catalyst for this paradigm shift was a moment of adversity – a double tibia fracture suffered by Mike during a sporting event, the result of an unfortunate tackle. This incident went beyond being a mere physical setback; it became the impetus for a visionary journey toward revolutionizing the very essence of sports protection.

The repercussions of the double tibia fracture extended beyond the realm of bones; it fractured conventional notions surrounding the efficacy of protective gear. Rather than succumbing to the challenges posed by this incident, Mike Zwijnenburg saw an opportunity for innovation. This moment of adversity sparked a profound realization that the existing standards of sports protection, particularly in the domain of shin pads, were in need of a radical reevaluation.

Even in the presence of a traditional shin pad, the fracture occurred, prompting a deep and introspective analysis of the limitations inherent in current sports equipment. Mike embarked on a mission, driven by a commitment to challenge the status quo and enhance the protective capabilities of gear designed to safeguard athletes. The inception of CALSOVO was not merely a response to a personal injury; it was a visionary response to a broader call for redefining industry standards and ensuring that athletes are equipped with the most advanced and effective protective gear possible.


The culmination of years of dedication and visionary pursuit, 2019 marked a significant milestone in the journey of CALSOVO. It was the year when the seeds planted in 2016 began to bear fruit, and the vision for revolutionizing sports protection materialized into a tangible reality.

Throughout the intervening years, from 2016 to 2019, the team at CALSOVO worked tirelessly to transform a vision into a comprehensive plan. The objective was clear: to develop shin pads that transcended the limitations of conventional sports protection, offering athletes a level of strength, resilience, and performance previously unseen in the market.

By December 2019, the groundwork laid in the preceding years began to take shape. The vision for CALSOVO, born out of a desire for innovation sparked by a personal experience, found expression in meticulously designed shin pads. These were not just protective gear; they were a testament to the commitment to excellence, driven by the unwavering belief that athletes deserved equipment that would not merely meet but exceed their expectations.


July 2021 marked a watershed moment in the trajectory of CALSOVO, as years of meticulous planning, innovation, and unwavering commitment culminated in the official launch of our groundbreaking sports protection gear. This pivotal moment represented not just a product release but a significant leap forward in redefining the industry’s expectations for shin pads.

The journey to July 2021 was characterized by a relentless pursuit of excellence. Every facet of CALSOVO’s shin pads, from the carefully selected materials to the advanced manufacturing processes, was a testament to our commitment to providing athletes with unparalleled protection. The launch wasn’t just about introducing a product; it was about ushering in a new era in sports gear.